“Spanning decades and continents, Marjan Kamali’s richly imagined novel immerses us in the blossoming love affair between two Iranian teenagers, set against the political upheaval of 1950s Tehran. Evocative, devastating, and hauntingly beautiful, THE STATIONERY SHOP explores love’s power to transcend time and distance—and the ways fate can tear people apart and bring them back together. This book broke my heart again and again.”
Whitney Scharer, author of THE AGE OF LIGHT

“What a pleasure—a novel that is all at once masterfully plotted, beautifully written, and populated by characters who are arresting, lovable and so real. Brava, Marjan Kamali; now that I’ve finished, I miss this world of yours.”
Elinor Lipman, author of GOOD RIDDANCE and TURPENTINE LANE

"Set against the political turmoil of 1950's Tehran, Marjan Kamali's THE STATIONERY SHOP illuminates how love is experienced over time and influenced by the fingerprints of others. Yet. despite every obstacle, the power of heart and memory endure. A beautiful and sensitive novel that I loved from the first page."
Alyson Richman, international bestselling author of THE LOST WIFE and THE SECRET OF CLOUDS

"A beautifully immersive tale, THE STATIONERY SHOP brings to life a lost and complex world and the captivating characters who once called it home."

Jasmin Darznik, New York Times bestselling author of THE GOOD DAUGHTER and SONG OF A CAPTIVE BIRD

"A sweeping romantic tale of thwarted love."


"The unfurling stories in Kamali’s sophomore novel (after Together Tea) will stun readers as the aromas of Persian cooking wafting throughout convince us that love can last a lifetime. For those who enjoy getting caught up in romance while discovering unfamiliar history of another country."


“Kamali paints an evocative portrait of 1950s Iran and its political upheaval, and she cleverly writes the heartbreak of Roya and Bahman’s romance to mirror the tragic recent history of their country. Simultaneously briskly paced and deeply moving, this will appeal to fans of Khaled Hosseini and should find a wide audience.”


“[A] tender story of lifelong love…The loss of love and changing worlds is vividly captured by Kamali; time and circumstances kept these lovers apart, but nothing diminishes their connection. Readers will be swept away.”


The Stationery Shop is a wistful look at two idealists and the world they should have inherited . . . Kamali offers a paean not just to lost love, but to the poetry, food, and culture that fed their memories for 60 years.”


“Marjan Kamali's The Stationery Shop is an affecting novel about first love.”


"Grab your tissues . . . Marjan Kamali’s second novel channels love in the time of coup d’états. Set among the political upheaval of 1950s Tehran, The Stationery Shop follows teenager Roya as she discovers the power of love, loss, and then, decades later, fate. And did we mention you’ll need tissues?"


"A powerful love story."


"[A] tender, beautifully crafted novel . . . that reduced me to tears. The Stationery Shop is an exemplary novel about families and how our secrets build walls and make us ill. It’s a passionate book about love that endures and how fate often intervenes, forcing us to take paths we never would have envisioned."


"A beautiful, emotionally honest story about first love, deep family bonds, and fate."


“Marjan Kamali weaves a powerful, heartbreaking story of star-crossed lovers and Iran's political upheavals...The Stationery Shop is at once a layered historical saga of a country struggling toward democracy and an intimate meditation on "a love from which we never recover.”


"A heart-wrenching story about two literary souls torn apart by social upheaval . . . a tragically beautiful narrative of star-crossed lovers."


"If you’re looking for a summer release unlike any other, you’ll love The Stationery Shop."


"A tender story of enduring love."


"I! Am! Obsessed! With! This! Book! . . . Think The Notebook, only better (no offense, Ryan Gosling)."


"A beautifully written book that is full of emotion and heart. . . . Book groups will want to devour it --and serve some Persian food during their discussions."


"A rich story of loss and true love."


"A sweet, lyrical story that blurs the lines of historical fiction and romance. Fans of Martha Hall Kelly and Azar Nafisi will enjoy this one."


"This tender, romantic tale is suffused with the scents, sights, and sounds of mid-century Iran; a firm sense of place evoked in the prose and communicated through poetic phrases. Believable, refreshing, enchanting."


Marjan's debut novel Together Tea was a Massachusetts book award finalist


Excerpts from Together Tea have won:

· Top Ten Finalist Asian American Short Story Contest

· Top Finalist Glimmer Train Shor Story Contest

· Featured on BBC Radio 4

"Career, love, happiness—for Mina Rezayi, everything becomes a gently humorous negotiation between her Iranian heritage and her American hopes, between her mother and herself… Deftly threaded memories of Iran and of the revolution’s effects on their family enrich the story as Mina and Darya gain sympathy for each other’s struggles. Sparkling dialogue and warm characters make Kamali’s debut novel perfect for book clubs."
—Kirkus Reviews

"Kamali’s debut, set in the mid-’90s, is the story of Darya and Mina Rezayi, mother and daughter in a family that emigrated to the U.S. from Iran after Mina’s grandmother was killed by an Iraqi bomb. One of three children trying to live up to their parents’ expectations, Mina would rather paint than finish her MBA. But mostly she wishes her mother, a frustrated mathematician, would stop creating spreadsheets of eligible Iranian-American men, who have so far all disappointed her. Darya’s husband embraces the can-do American spirit, but she misses prerevolutionary Iran, with its emphasis on family and tradition, and accompanies Mina on a visit to their homeland. The book’s second part takes place in Tehran, but during the revolution and the early years of the war with Iraq. Kamali’s lyrical writing is particularly vivid here, and warm, as with the many descriptions of tarof, a Persian verbal tradition. Although there are differences in Mina’s and Darya’s American experiences, the author effectively evokes the pull both women feel toward Iran. She creates empathy for a people forced to live one life in public and another privately." 
— Publishers Weekly

"Joining a growing list of Middle Eastern American immigration novels is Kamali’s lively debut about one Iranian family making the difficult adjustment to life in the U.S. Parviz and Darya; their 10-year-old daughter, Mina; and her two older brothers came to New York City in 1982, when Iraq began dropping bombs on Iran. Fifteen years later, Darya has given up her dream of becoming a mathematician, using her skills, instead, to calculate statistics pertaining to available Iranian bachelors for Mina, assigning points for everything from good teeth to graduate degrees. Mina is exasperated with her mother’s matchmaking, and disillusioned with business school. She concludes she desperately needs a break, and tells her parents she wants to journey to Iran and rediscover the country they left behind. Darya wants to accompany her daughter, so off they go—hoping to reaffirm Mina’s roots and perhaps strengthen their relationship as well. Kamali perfectly captures the sights, sounds, and smells of Tehran as relatives celebrate with one extravagant party after the other. Humor, romance, and tradition all combine in an enjoyable chick-lit tale, Iranian style."

— Booklist

“Together Tea is a sweet treat of a novel that explores the unyielding ties between mothers and daughters. Eighteen years after fleeing revolutionary Iran, the Rezayi family still clings to their Persian traditions, especially when it comes to their youngest daughter, Mina. She wants to be an artist but her mother, Darya, wants Mina to finish her business degree and marry the perfect Persian man. Kamali’s characters delicately make their way through clashing cultures and come out the other side with a very happy ending for all."
— The Star Tribune

“Compassionate, funny, and wise, Together Tea is a treasure of a novel. Marjan Kamali creates a wonderfully loving and real story about a mother and daughter, and their complicated cultural identity. Its remarkable scope—from 1970s Tehran to 1990s New York—is beautifully rendered.”
—Jill Davis, bestselling author of Girls’ Poker Night

“I’m always looking for a novel like this: smart and witty, with characters so dear you want to pack your suitcase and travel with them wherever they can take you. How lucky I feel to have been given this baklava-delicious gift of Persian immersion from a New York point of view.”
—Elinor Lipman

“Marjan Kamali’s thoughtful novel presents the story of a young Iranian woman’s coming of age in modern America and her mother’s parallel journey from the old world to the new. With evocative images of the Shah’s Iran, and post-revolution depictions of this ancient nation, Kamali’s work is a window into a culture and history that all Americans should know and acknowledge. Her writing spans oceans yet depicts a common humanity—a lovely work.” 
—Rishi Reddi, award-winning author of Karma and Other Stories